Concern with the Environment

Neoplas invests in new technologies for the maximum use of the raw material with minimum environmental impact.

In Brazil, more than 2 million tons of disposable plastic accumulate after use. Of that number, only 17% is recycled, causing a lot of waste. So be aware! Exchange your disposable cup for a reusable cup. The Neoplas cups, and last longer than the disposable cups are also much more sustainable.

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Institution Neoplas

Quality, Innovation and Environmental Concern

At Neoplas, all projects are internally developed, aiming to associate quality to a differentiated design. In this way, the whole process is monitored, from molds manufacturing to the final product, prioritizing less environmental impact in the process.

Our differential: We carry out special projects in partnership with our customers, with Neoplas know-how. The goal is to serve the most varied markets, which require specific products and make great ideas come true.

Neoplas has today the most complete technology in product development, tooling, injection molding, injection Blow, decoration (screen printing, pad printing, heat transfer, hot stamping and embossing), attending to several needs of institutional and commercial segments . In addition to have our logistics team to assist you with convenience.

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