Neoplas +

Given a growing demand for specific materials for thermal insulation, of greater durability and with a differentiated design, Neoplas brings to Brazil first-rate products through its imported brand, Neoplas+.

The goal is to offer customers options in our segment without losing the possibility of personalization and curation focused on the quality and trust that make us leaders.

Neoplas + starts by presenting stainless steel bottles of different capacities and styles. All of them with high durability and with vacuum insulation system, which guarantee to keep drinks hot for up to 12h and cold for up to 24h. Technologies that already stand out in the international market are now accessible to Brazilians through the Neoplas+.

Garrafa Click Além destes produtos, chegam também inovações em plástico. O material conhecido como inquebrável, o Tritan, vem como a Garrafa Force. With a minimalist and modern design, the Force is practically indestructible and the Tritan is famous around the world in videos testing its durability.


Force Bottle The design was also a strong point in the selection of the products chosen to compose the Neoplas + launch line. Sports bottle, LED ice bucket, thermal glass and double-walled champagne bottle complete the first batch of imported products that will add technology, design, quality and innovation to our catalog.

It took months of work between tests, negotiations and training to ensure that what would arrive for our customers would follow the same concept as our current products. Bring quality and safety both in moments of fun and relaxation, as well as for corporate and sophisticated environments.

It is with great pride and satisfaction that we launched Neoplas + and made our sales team available to serve you. Detailed information is in our social networks and catalog.