1. Objective:
Define procedure for exchange /lack / leftover neoplas products that present non-conformities and / or return of values arising from divergence in orders made.

2. Application:
This procedure applies to B2B and B2C customers, from internal and external sales channels (representatives), who request the exchange and/or reversal of products and amounts related to commercial orders with the Neoplas industry.

Our commitment is to the satisfaction of our customers, in all the relationship and shopping experience with Neoplas.
Aiming at a partnership of respect and trust, we created the Exchange and Return Policy, based on the Consumer Protection Code.

3.1 Product dissatisfaction
Requests for withdrawal of the product will be accepted within 7 (seven) calendar days after receipt of the item – according to art. 49 of the CDC.
From the Procedure: Sending e-mail to – informing the reason for the withdrawal. The request will be evaluated and returned within 5 working days, and the reversal or resubmission of the items aligned with the Value Repayment process (item 4.4). Custom products do not fall under this procedure.

3.2 Defective Product
The deadline for request for exchange by default must occur within 7 (seven) calendar days after the date of receipt.
From the Procedure: Sending e-mail to – informing the defect found, amounts broken and always attaching photos and videos. The request will be evaluated and returned within 5 working days – If well founded, the options for reimbursement or exchange will be formalized in the return.

3.3 Missing, Leftover or Product Exchange
The deadline for notification of the absence, leftover or exchange of product, must be held within 7 calendar days, after receipt of the item. In such cases the quality sector of Neoplas will perform the analysis of cause, once this is done, the customer will have the options of sending the product in a subsequent order or abatement in the ticket.

1. Missing: Reduction in the ticket or request of the missing product.
2. Leftover: Return of the leftover or accepted.
3. Product Exchange: Reduction or addition to the ticket (depending on the value of the product) and/or return of the exchanged product.

Note: The shipment of the replacement with subsequent request is the preferred option in any and all situation sauly – Neoplas at its discretion may use this as the only possible alternative.

3.4 Reimbursement of values

The value of the product will be returned without freight expenses as per billing (NFE), after analysis by the Neoplas quality department:
Credit Card: The reversal may occur on up to 2 (two) subsequent invoices. This procedure is the responsibility of the administrator of the card used, but each case will be evaluated.
Bank Slip/TED: If you have slips to be won, a reduction of the amount will be granted, if you do not have, you will be left credit for the next order or the reversal of the amount will be made. The reversal will be done in the current account within ten (10) business days. No credit will be granted to third parties.

Note: To repay amounts, the customer must issue the Return Invoice.